23 November 2011


As you know, there is no Thanksgiving here. Simon works tomorrow. Ruby has school. When her teacher tried to tell the class what Thanksgiving was she said it was "a Christmas dinner". I've invited all the Americans with kids in the area to come to my house to make those Turkey hand prints. Not many people are coming because most have gone to America.

Here are some things they don't have here in Tooting (or if they do you have to hunt for them): Turkey (except for Christmas). Frozen pie crust in an aluminum pie tin (they have no idea what I'm talking about). Canned pumpkin. Chex mix. Marshmallows that are soft and aren't pink.

Would this taste ok if it were pink?

A 20 minute bus ride away, I found a butcher that sold me a raw Turkey breast. It came wrapped in bacon (huh?!) and cost 31 dollars. 


  1. 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
    1 cup butter, cold, cut into little cubes
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp sugar
    6-8 tbsp ice water (a cup of water with ice cubes it in!)

    mix flour salt and sugar together with a fork. dump the butter in and fork it until it's all mixed. it takes a few minutes but it's not hard. add some of the ice water and start squishing it with your hands. add some more until it's like, play-do in consistency. put it on a floured surface and roll it flat, a bit bigger than your pie plate. put it in. cut off the excess. your finished. elapsed time (for me): 10 minutes. premade crusts are never as flakey and delicious, and always have a shit ton of preservative crap in them.

  2. turkey is as difficult and expensive to find here in austria, but without the added benefit of a free bacon wrapper.

  3. I finally saw a pre-made pie crust in Sainsbury's. But now I'm into lumpy half-raw, half-over cooked roll it yourself crust.