09 November 2011

Driving Test

I need to get a UK driver's license. You have to pass a "knowledge test" and then a practical test to get a license. I'm studying for the test by reading "The Official Highway Code" and "Know Your Traffic Signs".

Here is an excerpt from one of them: "Near-side edge of carriageway or obstruction near that edge (alternative shapes). White markers are used on the off-side edge and amber ones on the off-side of a dual carriageway".

I'm pretty sure I will fail the test.

Prostate exam in crosswalk

Swollen left arm ahead
This actually means NO BIKES

Caution: wide ass

Don't put doll house furniture on your head while you drive.

1 comment:

  1. i think that old man is getting an prostrate exam. seems like he's "in the middle of the road" about it.