15 November 2011

Hard Water

The London water makes my hair look like I'm a sea witch. None of my hair products work here. I thought fabric softener was a scam - something you didn't need to put in the wash, but people were somehow convinced to buy it anyway. If you don't use it here, your clothes turn into cardboard. The drains in the bathroom sink smell like sewage. It's from the minerals in the water coating the pipes. There is white chalky stuff on everything - bathtubs, dishes, glasses. I wonder if the white stuff is lining the inside of my digestive system.

1 comment:

  1. that chalky white stuff is everywhere in the europes. alkalines are a bitch, and it doesnt help that they're called "lime scales." but they're harmless, and the stinkdrain you get used to as well. when we came back and visited new york i could smell the city and it really stank. but yeah, i miss that soft water. there are conditioners you can get for your pipes that'll soften your water if you're willing to spend gross amounts of money on it.