06 January 2012

School Dinner

Sometimes I laugh to myself while I'm packing Ruby's lunch for school. Her lunches must seem strange to people here. In her Wonder Woman lunchbox she has peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread or a cheese and ham multi-grain wrap, and various other fruits and vegetables in many little plastic sandwich bags, plus a yogurt smoothie with bendy straw. I think maybe this is a very American lunch. I never see P, B&J here or wraps. One of the teachers, the "nursery nurse", called her rice cake a "piece of cardboard".

The other day she told me that 2 girls in the school bring "chicken on the bone" in a bowl for lunch. I think they are immigrants from North Africa or the Middle East. With all the different ethnicities at school, there must be some very interesting packed lunches.

Most of the kids eat the "school dinner" which is a shepard's pie or beef and potatoes or sausages or the something else meaty. I tried to get Ruby to eat the school dinner for the first week. She wouldn't touch it.

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