08 December 2011

Bean Bags

There are a lot of people here who I can't understand at all, and a lot of people don't understand me. A plumber came to the house today. He asked me over and over again if I had a couple of bean bags he could use. After a while I was cracking up, picturing me and this big dirty guy hanging out in the bathroom lying on bean bags. I finally got that he was saying "Bin Bags" and wanted some large garbage bags. At least this was kind of funny. When I had the driving instructor who I couldn't understand at all, it was kind of scary.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! When I was in London, I misunderstood so many things. I was working at this art museum and they kept talking about something i had no idea what it was, but I'd nod my head. About 3 months later, i saw it written. It was "room hire" which was sort of like rent.