09 October 2011

Playing Chicken

I knew it would be strange driving on the wrong side of the road, sitting on the wrong side of the car, but that isn't the strangest part. Here people park on both sides of the road (with the cars facing both directions on both sides). That is strange enough, but then they also drive right in the middle of the street, straddling the white line that separates the 2 lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions. The roads are 2-way roads, but they are too skinny to fit 2 small cars at once, so everyone drives in the center of the 2 lanes and pulls over when someone else comes down the street the other way. It is the most crazy system I've ever seen. If neither car pulls over, they just face each other in the middle of the road, until one driver reverses into a parking spot so the other can pass. Why the roads aren't one way streets, I do not know.

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